our latest PET-bottles

jerry can 5l

EproJUICE square




EproROUND - new in 100 and 500ml.


Catch me if you can!


Trigger spray bottle: Ocean

E-LiSmoke - the new PET bottle for e-liquids

Since Mai 2016 the new EU-directive n° 2016/586 about the technical standards of refillable electronic cigarettes for the filling of liquids is in charge. In the future only bottles with a maximum volume of 10ml are allowed to be used. The bottles have to be certified according to ISO 8317 (child resistance packaging). The closure has to ensure that under atmospheric pressure and vertical positioning of the bottle, a maximum of only 20 drops is to be allowed to drop out of the bottle. The bottle E-LiSmoke does fulfill this entire requirement.

Boston round MS

Boston round mouthwash bottle

This and the other members of the Boston round family here



ready labeled bottles

NEW – E-proPLAST GmbH offers ready labeled round shape bottles.

Immediately after blowing the bottle gets your favourite label.    

for more details write an email to: Opens window for sending emailinfo@e-proplast.com