Here you see an overview about our services:

Coloured PET-bottles

From an amount of 25.000 pieces we´re able to dye the PET-bottles in your favourite colour!

Ready labeled PET-bottles

etikettierte PET-Flasche

 E-proPLAST GmbH offers ready labeled round shape bottles.

Immediately after blowing the bottle gets your favourite label.    


Etikettieranlage PET-Flaschen

PET-bottles closed with screw cap

The solution for hospitals and public facilities with a water dispenser - guarantees optimum hygiene by temper evidence on the closure.

Development & Design

You´re looking for  a specially designed PET-bottle to fit your product?



Through innovative and outstanding design we are able to give our customer the crucial competitive edge in a highly competitive market.
Because of the intense cooperation with creative designers, institutes, universities and colleges, we are able to transfer your ideas into marketable products.
The creative, innovative and practical approaches are one of the key factors for our customers to do business with us.