Where can I find PET in the market?

PET as a material has been in the market for many decades already. Among other fibers for the textile industry and films are produced. Look into your t-shirt lables!

PET has also established in the field of packaging technology. Whether for cosmetic or chemical-technical applications, PET containers have been positioned on the market for many years. Especially the food industry convinced itself increasingly from the advantages of PET packaging.

The properties of this material allow the highest safety standard in the field of food processing.

How is a PET-bottle created?

For the production of a PET bottle or a PET container a so-called PET-preform ist manufactured in a 300 ° C mould under high pressure. This PET-preform is similar to a chemical test tube.

The PET preform is then heated to about 120 ° Celsius in a blow-moulding machine. At a pressure of 40 bar, the PET preform is formed and blown into the desired shap.

The following animation shows the simplified "blow-moulding process".

Production of a PET-bottle as animation