Advantages of PET

Beautiful & Universal

The great transparency and the shiny surface offers a special charm and lend the PET-packaging a sophisticated image. New labelling solutions with double-sided printed labels give the bottle an outstanding beauty. The flexible production process permits a nearly unlimited diversity of design. In particulare the machine and mould technology employed by E-proPLAST offers a universal design with minimal mould costs.

27,5 g vs. 310 g

Light Weight

Up to 90% weight reduction, compared to glass! Therefor a more economical transportation ist achieved. Better mechanical qualities gives a weight reduction compared to PE- and PP-bottles. In contrast with extrusion blow moulding no material is wasted during the PET-production process.

Product Safety

Because of the outstanding material qualities, PET-containers are virtually unbreakable. This results no fractures while filling, transporting and use. Even with a damage, there no injuries can be caused by splinter parts. PET gives an optimal protection to all consumers.

The outstanding properties of PET are:

• High transparency

• Exceptionally shiny surface

• Very good stability

• High pressure resistance

• Good barrier properties

• Light weight

• Precise moulding of the bottle neck


In comparison to other packaging materials, PET offers many advantages. In particular to other plastic materials, PET shows a very high gas - barrier resistance. The loss of CO2 as well as the penetration of O2 into the filling good can be minimized with the use of PET. These are only a view reasons why PET as a packaging material has prevailed strongly into the packaging marked.