Quality - Our obligation to you

With state-of-the-art measurement and analysis tools we ensure that our PET-bottles and PET-containers are subject of a permanent quality control.

Not only our skilled employees easily find faults, our machines are equipped with built-in testing equipment.

PET Produktion Qualitätssicherung
PET Produktion Qualitätssicherung
PET Produktion Qualitätssicherung
PET Produktion Qualitätssicherung
PET Produktion Qualitätssicherung

HACCP - The Concept of Hygiene

HACCP Certificate 2018 E-proPLAST

Customers with a high demand of cleanliness and hygiene are the perfect customers for us.

With the HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification) of our company, E-proPLAST GmbH sets new standards in the field of hygiene and cleanliness.

HACCP - What is it?

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When producing, handling, processing, transporting, storing and selling foodstuff the influences of human diseases after consuming food can be expected.

For that in house quality control is performed.

Within this self-control system, the HACCP-concept specifically approaches dangers and risks to avert harmful threats.

An internationally binding version of the HACCP approach can be found in the regulatory framework of the FAO / WHO Codex Alimentarius, and is part of "the general principles of food hygiene. "


The HACCP concept is "... a system which identifies, evaluates and controls hazards which are significant for food safety."

Therefor, specific health risks for consumers - this may be chemical, physical and microbiological hazards to health - shall be identified and the probability of their occurrence and significance to be assessed. Based on this analysis, preventive measures shall be taken to avoid, undertake or at least reduce the risk of dangers.


E-proPLAST GmbH is classified as a manufacturer of food products. We are therefore proud that we have achieved this important certification for the production of food packaging.


You would like to learn more about the HACCP concept ? Simply follow the link:www.haccp.de