E-proPLAST GmbH – Our production of PET bottles is running at peak levels!

The current situation, in view of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resulting disease of COVID-19, is changing by the minute. The decisive factors are its effects on society, the organizational measures taken and, last but not least, our company-related circumstances, which are also influenced by these factors.

In addition to the already strict hygiene rules in accordance with the HACCP concept, we have initiated an internal crisis team consisting of the management and representatives from production, logistics and sales. Here we re-evaluate the situation at least daily and take appropriate measures to protect our employees and at the same time to maintain our performance. In addition to expanding the existing code of conduct, we will also send part of the administration and sales team to work from their home offices. We have also halted all business trips and will not receive any business guests on company grounds. If possible, communication is limited to electronic channels. #StayHome

As demand for PET bottles continues to rise, particularly for the filling of disinfectants, there may currently be delays in processing inquiries and orders. Please keep in mind that our production is running at peak levels and that current orders are keeping us 100% busy. This inevitably limits our otherwise usual flexibility.

We therefore ask you for your understanding if your inquiries cannot be processed in the usual short time period and if your orders cannot be produced ad hoc.
All departments are working vigorously and consistently to meet all of your concerns.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience, and we wish you all the best and most importantly to stay healthy!

Your E-proTEAM

Think sustainably - live sustainably!

By using Regenerat - rPET - we close the recycling cycle.

We say YES to sustainability and YES to sustainable products!

Thus, we can produce almost all PET bottles in our range with a proportion of rPET.
This also includes the application of food and beverages.